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Ritmos - An Innovative approach to beginning spanish

Ritmos is a new independently distributed text currently in development for Beginning Spanish at the college level. Relying on extensive interviews with native Spanish speakers and a highly developed software program for study outside of class, Ritmos is a breakthrough in delivering meaningful real-world Spanish language instruction.

Ritmos has two equally important goals: to bring students to the Intermediate Low proficiency in Spanish, and to develop systematic understanding of cultures where Spanish is spoken. Both of these are necessary for real communication, which depends both on linguistics as well as intercultural skills.


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why Ritmos?

The goal of Ritmos is to train students in both Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish speaking countries in a way that motivates them to further study, instills habits and skills in cross-cultural communications, and to provide a meaningful and useful learning experience for all students, whether they continue with further language training or not.

We believe that a beginning Spanish course should not be primarily a service course, aimed mainly at helping students get to the real ‘meat’ later. It can and should be a life-changing course for them, where they learn new information, new skills and a new way at looking at the world and reflecting on their own life and culture.


ISBN and Purchase Information

Ritmos is distributed as a package including a textbook and a software CD–you need both to use Ritmos! The version for academic year 2014-15 is Ritmos 1.2. Package ISBN: 978-1-886553-46-0.

Students can order directly from the Evia Learning online store–click on BUY A COPY NOW at the top right of this page to visit our store! Bookstores may email us at orders@evialearning.com to receive ordering details.



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Student Demo

Students who are unsure whether they will drop the course can use this Demo for the first several weeks of instruction. See the Support page for links.