Academic Year 2016-17 Demo versions are now available for Windows and Mac. They will give you a sample of the learning methods of Ritmos. Students who are unsure whether they will drop a course can use the respective Demo for the first several weeks of instruction.

You can also download unit 1 of the Ritmos book here as well.

Ritmos (Beginning Spanish) Downloads


For Academic Year 2016-17 Demo versions for Windows and Mac, use the set of download links below. The demo allows you to access the Orientation section and first unit of the Ritmos software. To access the rest, you must purchase an Ritmos package from your bookstore or directly from our web store.



Ritmos 1.8 Demo – (Unit 1, fully functional)

Windows – Unit 1 demo (216 MB)Mac OS X – Unit 1 demo (141.8 MB)


Sample Book chapter


Ritmos Unit 1 (pdf)

Ritmos Unit 1 cuaderno (8.8 MB)